Who is Fundación Yo Soy Nosotros?

Yo Soy Nosotros (I Am Us) is an organization which provides food and medical services to thousands of children and mothers throughout the Barranquilla area in Colombia. Through funding from generous donors and a working relationship with the government, Yo Soy Nosotros is able to provide on-going support to schools and communities in Colombia.

How You Can Help?

As the footprint of Yo Soy Nosotros grows in Colombia, the needs increase as well. In the fall of 2013, Yo Soy Nosotros was feeding 13,000 children per day. Numana continues to support the mission of this organization in Colombia. With the support of the Colombian government, Numana food is allowed to enter the country with no additional port fees upon arrival.

By hosting a Numana Inc food packaging event you would be aiding in the work in Colombia.  Your involvement means a hope and a future for the children at Yo Soy Nosotros.


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