WHAT IN THE WORLD IS #GivingTuesday?

Giving Tuesday is a day to celebrate and encourage giving. Pretty simple right?! Coming up, November 27, 2018, people all across the globe will join together to make a huge difference in the world.




When we first met Isabel, flour covered her hands and she donned a bright white apron with Convoy of Hope, our food distribution parter’s, logo on the front. She used a rolling pin like it was an artform as she meticulously prepared dough for the day.

You see, Isabel knows how important this food is because she has received it herself for the last two years. Isabel, 15, is part of Convoy of Hope’s Children’s Feeding Initiative in El Salvador.

Not only does she receive nutritious food
— she also volunteers to help prepare and serve the younger children in the program. Isabel says the program is helpful because she not only gets food at the center, but she also receives take- home rations for her family.

“My mom stays home with my brother and my dad works odd jobs,” Isabel says. “This food is a great help for me and the kids at the center.”

We know providing a warm meal to a child does more than simply satisfy their hunger. It helps them grow strong, learn well in school and thrive. It relieves the burden on families, freeing up financial resources for other basic needs. It increases the likelihood that children will be able to lift themselves out of poverty and reach their full potential.

On behalf of Isabel and tens of thousands of kids like her around the world, we ask that you join us TODAY, Giving Tuesday, by providing life transformation through nutritious food.

You can truly making a difference in the lives of future generations.

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