On a recent visit to our partners, Mission Of Hope Haiti, we found the food distribution warehouses almost empty. This is a rare site at Mission Of Hope.

MOH Haiti feeds around 90,000 children PER DAY through this warehouse so there is a constant flow of food in and out of their doors.

Not only do they feed these 90,000 children, but there is a list of over 75,000 children who they have identified as having no consistent daily nutrition. The problem is, there is simply not enough food in the warehouse to provide for those children.

We are calling on YOU to help us with that! We are calling on you to fill the warehouse so we can fill some bellies!

These numbers sound huge... 75,000 children is a LOT, but each child is an individual and not just a vague number.

If you can provide food for one child for an entire month, think of the impact that will make on that child's life! What if you decided to give a monthly recurring gift that supported a child for months on end?! What an impact!

Please join us as we work to fill this warehouse and fill the bellies of these sweet children who desperately need your help.

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