Starvation, lack of drinking water, destroyed crops, and desperation is spreading through Eastern African countries. Food aid is scarce, people are walking for miles and miles to receive life saving meals and medical attention. Several countries have officially been declared in a state of famine and others are on the brink, affecting 20 million people. Acute child malnutrition has jumped to over 30% and the death rate has doubled.

Our partners at Convoy of Hope reached out to us with a desperate ask for 600,000 meals. Currently, they are providing life-saving meals for over 18,000 people. Men, women, and children in Kenya who otherwise have nothing.

With your help, these 600,000 meals can be shipped out by the end of August. A gift of as little as $9 provides a month of life sustaining meals for a child who does not know where his next meal will come from. Partner with us and fight this famine. CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW.


You have seen the reports on the news and asked us how you can help. Honestly, at Numana, we were asking the same question. “How can we help?” We didn’t have a distribution partner who was able to safely and successfully deliver the food to the people who needed it most. If we are going to turn to you for help, we owe you that confidence.

Now with the help of Convoy of Hope, you can make a difference!

Sadly, we can’t tell you that this end the famine and it is difficult to talk about hope in such a desperate situation, but for the people who will receive this food, it is everything. Each person who receives a Numana meal will have the opportunity to fight another day in hopes of seeing their country restored.

Fight this famine. CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW.



All Photos and Videos provided by Convoy Of Hope

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