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Located in Southern Africa, Zambia faces many challenges including food insecurity and poor nutrition, which are often due to chronic poverty. This was one of the many reasons why Family Legacy is the newest partner to begin receiving Numana meals for their feeding program. Over 14,000 children attend the 19 Legacy Academies where a healthy meal is served daily. Many of the children are accustomed to coming to school on an empty stomach and struggling to pay attention, due to hunger. Now, these children are not only receiving a high-quality education, but also a nutritious meal each day.

By hosting a Numana Inc food packaging event you would be allowing this partnership to continue. Every meal packaged is a life-saver for many in Zambia.  Your involvement means a hope and a future for the next generation at Family Legacy.

The Impact

“Before we established the feeding program, the younger children would just sit in class and cry because they were so hungry,” superintendent of schools, Kathryn Shindoll said. “With these meals, the kids are able to sit through class longer. They are more awake, more alert, and more focused. It has improved their attendance as well, because they know if they miss a day of school, they miss a meal.”

Over 425,000 meals were provided to the children in Family Legacy schools last year. In 2017, our commitment is to provide almost twice as much. At Family Legacy, they believe that the most good can happen when like-minded organizations partner together. Food packing events for Family Legacy is a great example of this. “It is truly amazing to see what can be accomplished on such a massive scale, yet deliver individual impact when caring people take time to focus on serving the ‘least of these’,” Senior Vice President & Chief Development Officer of Family Legacy Holly Scurry said.

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