Who is Convoy Of Hope?

Convoy of Hope is an organization that is feeding more than 145,000 children in 11 nations.  They believe that nutritious food opens doors for education, clean water, a sense of hope and much more.   The goal of their Children’s Feeding Initiative is to “see lives changed as we promote healthy children and communities that are free from poverty and hunger.”  The meals provided by Numana, are feeding children in schools, where they are  most likely receiving their only meal of the day.   Currently, Convoy of Hope is feeding children in the Philippines, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Kenya, Ethiopia, Guatemala, South Africa, and Tanzania.

How You Can Help?

The partnership between Convoy of Hope and Numana began in 2012.  Currently, Numana is providing over a million meals per year to Convoy of Hope. By hosting a Numana food packaging event, you will be helping us meet that commitment. Every meal packaged is a life-saver for many around the globe.

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