Q: What is the nutritional value of a Numana meal?

A Numana meal has four different ingredients: rice, soy, beans for added protein, and chicken flavoring providing 21 vitamins targeted to help the immune system.

Q: How does the food taste? Can I purchase a package for my family to taste-test or as an object lesson?

When cooked in safe boiling water, a Numana meal has the base flavoring of chicken stock. Because the digestive system of a starving body cannot handle greasy, heavy, or highly spiced foods, the Numana meal is a basic starting point to build the body’s digestive system back up and offer nourishment along with a mild chicken flavor. Bags are available to purchase for $5 at any event, the donation is used to package more meals to save the starving.

Q: How are the meals prepared? Where do people get the water they need to prepare these meals?

The meals are prepared in table stations making up an assembly line of helping hands. Volunteers measure the ingredients with scoops, and fill and seal the bags as teams. Local water usually suffices as most impurities are boiled as the meals are prepared. In areas where water is scarce, Numana works with local agencies to provide water.

Q: Do I have to register to attend an event? How long is a packaging shift?

Most events have a registration link located on its specific page found on Upcoming Events. Also, please check event sponsor’s websites for registration information. Shifts are usually one hour long and registration is usually not required, but encouraged.

Q: Is there any cost or required donation to help package meals?

No. What makes Numana unique is that it offers the hands-on opportunity to help, an alternative to writing a check. However, for those who cannot attend an event in their area, or are inclined to offer a monetary gift, donations are accepted at each event.

Q: Can my kids help package?

Yes! Volunteers of all ages are invited to package meals at Numana events. Those from 1 to 90 have enjoyed the process.

Q: What is the role of Volunteer Staff (a.k.a. Green Shirt Leaders) and what is the minimum age?

Volunteer Staff act as event leaders at each packaging event, ensuring that the assembly line process goes smoothly, and that everyone has a chance to be part of the fun. These specially designated volunteers must be at least 15 years old.

Q: I was a Volunteer Staff member (a.k.a. Green Shirt Leader) at a prior event; do I need to attend training again?

We usually prefer that prior Volunteer Staff are trained again, due to possible changes in event logistics. Training sessions only last around 30 minutes.

Q: I have trouble standing for long periods of time; is there a way I can still help?

Yes! All are welcome to join the Numana packaging process. For individuals requiring seating, any point in the Numana assembly line can be accommodated with chairs.

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