Hurricane Matthew


Please consider a donation to help provide meals to our partners in Haiti as they are facing Hurricane Matthew.  Food is desperately needed and with every 30 cents that you give, you can provide another meal to help with relief efforts.  Donations can be made below.

Relief will be needed for months to come!  Many meals have already been distributed throughout Haiti to prepare for the hurricane. This will leave a massive shortage of meals for the regular feeding programs.  If you have ever considered hosting a meal packing event, now is the time to do it! Your help is greatly needed!  Visit THIS PAGE to find out how you can host an event in your community.



When catastrophe hits, YOU want to provide relief that will be most effective for the victims. So, the question may arise “why food”? In Haiti, when a hurricane strikes the major lasting threat is rain. Due to extreme deforestation, lack of drainage system, rise in sea level and extreme amounts of rainfall the end result is massive flooding and crippling landslides. This mud tears through fields of crops and wipes out any little amount of food storage they may have.  Weeks and even months later, water supply will easily become tainted with Cholera or other deadly bacteria. The one thing that these victims will need to survive every single day of this aftermath is food. If you want to know that your dollar will be effective, give food.

Meals being loaded for distribution throughout Haiti


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